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  • A 23 page interview (over 17,000 words) between Sam Vince and Damian Master of A Pregnant Light relating to the new album, Broken Play.
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    Allow for 10-14 days for production. Won't be long, and they'll go out fast. Includes some extra free stuff, while supplies last.

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released July 1, 2019


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Track Name: My Last Song
no words no song no sound
no voice no hands no ears no mouth
pure quiet deep silence
i tried and tried but it wouldn’t come
has it dried or has it died why will it not come out
did i wear her down did i take too much
did i drain the life from the love i serve
sing softly sing slowly i feel it flowing through me
my last song i give my voice
verse and chorus the words and chords
Track Name: Broken Play
i spent that time running wild living free burning bright
electric in the night queen of summer i feel alive
sunglasses sundresses leather bound and deepest black
true fire in softest moonlight trust me hold me close your eyes
lay down your head give in to me hold tight the bunny
and feel me bleed smile back at me from the kitchen sink
prepare our meal so we can eat
i taste the moment and savor every bite our lips an open window
tonight you are my wine and through the mouth of pain and loss
just say my name to see my ghost i’ll find you in forever
i’ve prayed and asked of god please tell me what to do
and then in the very next breath begged him to drop his sword
and cut the earth in two erase the world leave only you
i made a mess of angels a war in heaven your throne forsaken
Track Name: Babychain
wide eyes on my passenger side tonight we’ll take a ride
one hand on the wheel the other on your knee i take control
and drive us deep through darkened highway and quiet streets
we go forever we die together have you ever felt god lied to you
even though you know it isn’t true i thought i heard him whisper
was the voice i heard my own or worse around my neck this babychain
its tiny links spell out your name and it never comes off it is who i am
it is part of me it is my body out there somewhere you wear one too
a golden truth when i die again let it rest with me above the ouroboros
my only peace may it never break may it give us strength
let it be the light let it keep us safe in distant spirit i feel it shake
feel it rattle chains on heaven’s mighty gate let us in
we are weak and spent held together by love’s red thread
the greatest love the world has known fed into the fire
mouth of the unknown swallow us whole our chain on your breath
give us the blessing that this earth could not afford
Track Name: I Am The Man of Your Dreams
sweet angel close your eyes you find me safe tonight am i real
or am i dream do you feel my hands beneath your sheets
wild cherry sun pink coral moon let’s live forever let’s die too soon
busy in the kitchen lean over the ledge rub my beck and stroke my hair
my esme your father’s watch on your wrist and from your lips
i hear my name prepare a place i see the light through the window
pray for me softly remember my eyes flung so far from you
wait for me baby earth is a prison i don’t know how much time i’ll do
i am the man of your dreams you found me now keep me all i can do is sing
Track Name: Holy Death Candle
my life is a thread pulled back pulling hard
my world is a tomb of beauty my star will fall and again i’ll die
this time i won’t survive all things i know will disappear
my love this song her tears
in death : redemption i hold no key
i follow the light that i cannot see
i feel it reaching i have no fear manifest appear appear
in death : creation reborn in beams of radiant power
and unspeakable things all for this mercy i give myself
i sacrifice my total being concealed in violet encased in ancient lilac pulled from the orchid’s vein blood like lavender amethyst rain
o holy death i hear your teeth they grind and grind
while you watch me sleep all things i know will disappear
my love this song her tears
Track Name: Future Panther
all black always like a priest i will wear this every day
black jeans black shirt black boots my skin marked up with truth
deep raven and india ink i bring my knife up to your cheek
in darkness i flicker and spit o candle singe that rope again
i feel the reapers swarming up my arm blacking out the image
obscuring the already adorned a horse laid heavy
in blood and flesh that’s torn unbridled true wild
i tame you break you thou art mine i see a panther
she shows me all her teeth manifest in power dig deep and cover me
i fear losing the details the memories so clear every day a step further
i fight the dream that time might steal i drive all night
you sleep and pray a giant 8-ball to cover up my heart
in solid black i add one hundred i finish where i start
to swallow shadows and smell forever bleed take slow the road
and mind the edges i find you on your knees my song for baby
this panther hunting me wide mouth claws out
my death in screaming ebony bright veil of heaven
pull back so i might see what angel weeps my name in silence
please forgive me
Track Name: Purple Light (Part Two)
(lyrics redacted, april 2019)
Track Name: L.I.G.H.T.
what tries to hunt me and find me weak i keep my strength but i cannot speak i’ve seen the edges and looked beyond they sit and wait for me i know the meaning i know this play i see the hunter i see his prey you want me now just one more song but not this one the words aren’t done i feel it hiding underneath my strings i can make it come i can make it scream love is greeting heaven together love is glowing hidden treasure

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