Vinegar Perimeter


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InvalidDreamException Raw and ingenuous blackened hardcore punk/metal. A rare metal punk band that really sounds like punk. Their music is so simple and pure that convinces me that this album had existed since 30 year ago. The garage quality recording is contributing to making their music more real.
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Aksumite's fifth full-length album of pure BLOODCULTMETALPUNK.


released January 26, 2018

Dukula Menelek : guitar / voice
Walia Ibex : bass / drums

Chris Bright : artwork


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Track Name: Castration Trophy
There is no reasoning
There is no kind resolve
There is no heart still beating
I look like man and feel like dog

Too cold to feel it bleed
Too dark to try and see
Too cold to take the chances

I look like dog who look like me.
Track Name: Serve No Ungulate Deity
Unleash the dogs of chaos
Let every beggar ride
Break down the walls that hold the city
Return to dirt
Return to slime

Give no regard and take no thanks
Take all the treasure and wear the pain

Trust not the living
Fear not the dead
Keep sharp the blade
Aim for the head

So let destruction reign
Undo the works of man
Reduce it all to rubble
Burn the pages
Burn the message

All of the idols
Cast from steel and stone
Broken into pieces
And the Earth, swallowed whole

How graven the image
And depraved the artist's hand
How crooked his paintbrush
Track Name: Spit at the Sun
Discontent and bored to death
I take the only approach that I have left

As man rejected nature
I raise my fist and I spit at the sun

Hate for the warmth
Hate for the light
I wish I could make it a dead ball of ice

Spare me the speeches
I know what you want me to say

Why do we need the sun
What if I hate what it has become
I turn my back on its rays

No one tells me how to behave.
Track Name: Poison Arrow Straight and Narrow
I've come to fill my quiver
I come to make you quiver
Atop your head, a bow
Pull back the string
Then let it go

Poison arrow
Straight and narrow
Feel your blood grow cold and freeze

I give the world my venom
My hate for all to see
I am the poison arrow
This death I carry with me.
Track Name: Electrical Tape Scream
Like fading memory
Like blood on shining teeth
Tied with the rope of my obsession
Underneath the tape you scream

Every color turns to blood red
All the edges frayed and worn
Every fear in every second
All to take and make my own.
Track Name: Scabbed Knee
So helpless
And pitiful weak
Made voiceless
Pure useless meat

Closed up throat
And scabbed up knees
All fingers broken
All insides pink

From broken skull and shattered leg
Hog-tied and left in special place
Tongue tied
Lips dried
Faintest smile across the face

So whisper
And gurgle-spit
If you can't wait
To do this again

Turn back this bitter nightmare
Pour out the bowls of wrath
Let loose the war inside your spirit
Kill all who keep you from your path.
Track Name: I Smell Blood
In madness
In total misery
Ash in the field of Gnod
Ash on the head of the king

I smell blood.
Track Name: The Vomiting Prophet
A mind plagued by visions
A sight to sour the stomach
And claw out both the eyes

This sickness boils deeply
All bile and blood turn reddish green

The prophet
Stands alone
His guts gone dead

Regurgitating judgement
Cover the world in up-chuck

The vomit
Won't stop it

So wretch and choke in torment.
Track Name: Smile For Me
I see my death
Clear as glass
Clear as day
Hear me say

Come up and get me
Bring all the army
Come on
I'm waiting

I see my death
Sure as eggs
Sure as day
And hear me say

Why don't you smile for me

I shoot to thrill
I live to kill
I know the drill
I paid the bill

Come up and get me
Come on, you bastard

I feel the night
I feel the wild
I fight the fight
You won't survive

Come up and get me

Let's see that smile.

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