Stars Will Fall


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released August 18, 2013



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Track Name: Stars Will Fall
stars will fall / my life is a thread / pulled back / pulling hard / my world is a tomb of beauty / of ruin / of sex / and desire / and red / the great mask / our purple king demands a handsome tribute / demands that both his hands / remain full / remain rich in the wonders of this world / though i look beyond / through the chasms of space / back to earth / sun is here / moon is there / i am between / my sister is my brother / i locked her in the pit / faith is a passion / my quiet command / sheaths of grain / bow down / with necks crooked / bow down before the last stalk / stars will fall / wrap the mind into a fallen shrine / closer to me / beside the empty time / the end is faithful / the rings are in my hand / the coldest i have ever felt / a moment cannot be divided / a secret location / my quiet command.
Track Name: My Life Outside The Party
a moment in time becomes a flag held high / the pain you want / i can bring it inside / a lost race / turns in to some chase / darting in and out of the alleys and backyards / held down / and i wanted it more / i can feel the remove / the resolve / by the way you look at the floor / i’m calling you now / come on / come outside / there wasn’t a name / if there was / it would have been yours / unaware of how drastic intentions / beat a path through walls i never knew were there / many a son held this post / unwavering / unchanged / made to feel that this was the end / that there was meaning in the empty / not as we’ve been told / not as we know / step in my office / and see the truth / slide into the moment and feel my hands / in demands / we say what we mean / we don’t dance until the song is over / we hold ourselves higher than heaven / as lonely as ever / panic and love / an altar of shed skin / there wasn’t a name / and if there was / it would have been yours / the pretty girls / will all pass / and behind me there are rows / more beautiful than those that came before / a jealous man /panic and love / an altar of skin.